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Tom felt strange, thirteen minutes ago Yanov had injected Tom with something, and ever since he’s felt all dizzy and fuzzy. Tom also felt heavy, now and then he’d open his eyes. To his chagrin, Tom noticed that Yanvo and other nurses were moving him around and carrying him on his bed through the hallway. White and blue ceiling tiles flew past him. It was unnerving how developed and futuristic everything was.

Tom thinks he even saw robots and machines roaming around.

At some point, he felt his robes being lifted and he tried to protest and curse the nurses off. But only a strained noise came out of him as his robe was lowered. Something cold and glutinous was placed and smeared on his chest and stomach. Tom tried to sit up but a hand stopped him and pushed him back down. When Tom opens his eyes again, he cringes as Yanov is standing above him, flashing a small light into his eyes and snapping his fingers near Tom’s ears. Tom frowns and leans away, still dizzy. Yanov talks above him but nothing makes sense and everything sounds like Tom is under water. With a bitter realization, Tom knew he had to be drugged.

Tom opened his eyes a few more times and each time, Tom was somewhere else with his body getting probed or looked at by nurses or Yanov, who scribbled away in their clipboards.


Tom woke up again and this time he was back in “his” room. He noticed the room was dimly lit, and he thanked any higher power above who dimmed it. Tom looked around, yupp, in the same room. Tom noticed the straps felt different, he looked over to see that the inside had some sort of fluff. It was so much softer, Tom tried to slip his arm through. But halted his attempts as the door opened with a soft click and Matt came in with a giddy smile. Tom felt a migraine rise, Matt gently grabbed a small stool and sat down beside Tom. Tom winced at the scratch the metal stool made against the tiled floor.

“Good morning, Tom. How are you feeling?” Matt started, Tom couldn't help but frown. How long had he been out for?. Why is this smug, smiling, narcissistic, idiot smiling and asking him bullsh*t?? Why the hell was Matt on the commie’s side? Was he really that stupid to throw away their friendship? Tom glared.

“Dizzy.” He answered, not even giving Matt the satisfaction of a glance. Matt gave a small “oh” and then shifted on his stool. “Erm, Tom, I have something for you” Matt started, waiting for some sort of reaction from his friend. Tom glanced over, Matt gently revealed Tomee bear in his hands. Tom went rigid and quiet as Matt placed the bear in Tom’s lap. “I wanted to return him to you. I've been taking care of him ever since. . . ehm that’s not important. He’s finally with you again!” Matt smiled.

One thing Matt was happy about “joining” Tord was getting his memory back. He had learned a lot about himself, but he also felt like he got to learn and meet his friends all over again.

And one of those memories was how important Tomee bear was to Tom. Matt has clear and vivid memories of Tom always carrying the bear around until he just suddenly left it. Matt will make sure to ask about that. He remembers the day Tom just randomly disappeared from the army. He and Edd searched everywhere in their then-shared unit, asking their commanders only for them to find out weeks later that Tom was deported into another unit. It was weird, all the pictures, and Tom’s personal stuff were left behind, Edd was devastated that Tom hadn't even told them anything. Edd couldn’t accept the fact that Tom was suddenly gone. He had tried to convince Matt that something was wrong that the red army had taken him. The rest is hazy for Matt, he’s still getting his memories back, without getting a headache.

But now! Tom and him were reunited and Matt could ask all the questions that had left him worried sick. All questions that would fill in the hazy gaps in his memories. Matt had a small lump of bitterness deep down, Tom had a lot of answering to do.

But that’s for another time, Tom was clearly still shaken up and tired.

Matt looked confused as Tom laid back down and turned away, Tomee bear fell to the side. Matt was stunned. “I- . . . are you tired? hungry? I’m sorry.” Matt felt perplexed, Tom must be tired. Matt quickly picked up Tomee bear and placed the bear snuggly beside Tom’s head, so that he could see him if he turned around.

“I get it, you’re tired and stressed. I should have guessed that. Get some rest, I’ll visit you another time” Matt said, trying to sound reassuring while hints of uncertainty lingered. Tom didn’t budge. Desperate to start a conversation with Tom, Matt shuffled closer. “You know, I had to fix him before I came here. Do you remember Coco? Edd’s friend? Would you believe it? She's here in the Red Army!-” Matt continued to ramble about his time in the Red Army, about his new friends, about Tord, about his surgeries. But all that fell on deaf ears, Tom never responded.

Matt frowned, hurt by his friend’s indifference. Thinking it was for the best if he left. Matt got up, spared a glance towards his friend, switched off the lights, and left. Matt felt a pit grow in his gut. When had Tom changed so much?


Tom stared into the darkness.

No, no, no.

This wasn’t how he planned things! He was supposed to leave everything behind!

But. . . Matt is alive! Maybe Edd is too? maybe he had been worried and stupid for nothing?-

Tom heard that faint buzz. He closed his eyes. No, not again. Tom tried to open his eyes and tried to take a breath. Tried to do any of those bullsh*t breathing tactics his old therapist and Hillary had taught him.

Anything to hold on to.

Only to realize he was starting to slip and sink back into his subconscious mind.



Tom sat up, black sticky tar-like liquid holding him down in place. Tom looked around, he’s back in the woods. He’s not stupid, this was a dream.

He’d wake up soon.

Tom could feel how he was dragged down underneath the surface. But he needed to stay up float. He can’t drown again. Not again.

Tom slowly moved forward, it was hard to breathe. It felt his throat tighten up. It felt like his throat was lined up with needles or something sharp that at a certain angle just hurt. Tom soon managed to grab onto dark purplish grass, he pulled himself up, claws digging into the black soil. Once out, Tom laid down on the grass to breathe, letting the sticky tar-like substance slowly run off of him.

Tom saw that he wasn’t in his regular human form in this dream. Tom cringed at calling it “Human” or “Monster” form, but it was the only thing he had come up with after years with this sh*t. Tom lifted his head to look around, everything seemed quiet and the sky was a grayish red, with a few dead and dried-up trees here and there.

He felt his heartbeat in his ears, it was weird he felt like he could still hear the faint beeping heart monitor far away.


Tom’s ears perked up. His ears pointed backward as he didn't even bother turning around. Tom staggered up and started to run through the woods. Whatever it was, Tom couldn’t waste his time glancing back at it.

He usually was alone here, so just the notion that something else was there wasn't good. Tom kept running until he felt his throat burn. Everything was a haze. The feeling of incoming dread didn’t help either.

Tom heard faint steps slowly approaching him, Tom gathered himself up and ran. The woods started to close in. Branches seemed to reach out and dig into Tom’s fur. Suddenly all gravity left Tom as he fell. He tried to curl up while falling, maybe that would lessen the impact. Dried-up sticks, rocks, and uneven soil dug into Tom’s scarred back.

A harsh blow to Tom’s rib made him unable to get up when the inevitable impact came. Tom cracked open his eyes.

He expected to find himself somewhere else.

But no

He was back in the sticky tar-like liquid. Unable to move, he started to sink in, again. He always ended up here. Tom knows he’ll wake up, eventually. Tom knows he’ll have to drag himself out again and run. Unless he gets lucky, but he rarely does. Tom cranks his head up, he ignores the silhouette at the edge staring down at him.

Its multiple eyes stared at him unblinkingly.

It won’t hurt him as long as he stays in there.

It didn’t have a shape, it always changed. Sometimes it looked like a human, an animal, a beast and sometimes it looked like boiling limbs.


Tord hummed a soft tune in delight as he walked down the halls towards the medical facility. Soldiers passing by saluted their leader. Not many soldiers were awake at this hour, it was five in the morning. Tord was giddy to go see Tom. Even if the other would be asleep.

Tord opened the door to Tom’s room, it was dimly lit, Tord carefully walked in. Tom was obviously asleep, his head to the side, his curls a mess. Tord smiled down at Tom as he carefully took away a few messy hair strands from Tom’s face. He was just so cute!

Idly admiring and observing Tom. He had a few scars and scratches here and there, but that didn’t lower his charming qualities. Tord looked Tom over, glossing over Tom’s scarred palms and burns that reached up to his wrists. Tord carefully probed Tom’s hand, making it face upwards. The skin was stretched, and paler in color. It reminded Tord of his own scarring, but Tord usually hid it.

It wasn’t hard, sleeve down and a glove on the robotic prosthetic and wear his mask while out in public. Tord remembers when he still wore it inside the army, hiding his identity but rumors spread and Tord didn’t like the fact that soldiers thought he didn't have a face at all!. Someone of his status did not deserve such disgraceful rumors to spread.

Tord proved them wrong at a ceremony, only half his face was missing! and after that Tord stopped wearing his mask inside of the army. Now and then in public he might wear it, but he likes how enemy generals squirm away. It's almost like respect. Tord snapped out of his memory and looked down at Tom’s hands again and the scarred skin.

Tord’s nurses couldn't do much to fix this. The skin tissue was already healed.

Tord hummed as he continued to examine Tom, Tom would need to start training soon. Tord carefully grabbed the duvet and pulled it down, looking at the bandaged stomach wound Tom had gotten. Poor Tom, always getting caught up in trouble. Tord tutted at the sight. No abdominal crunches for Tom, at least not in the first few months.

Tord suddenly beamed. Oh! He can’t wait to show Tom his actual room! It was near Tord’s quarters. Tord had hoped to have it even closer or in Tord’s quarters, but Paul, Patryk and his therapist advised against it. Tord had made sure to get Tom’s essence into that room, he even had Matt help him. Tord stared at Tom and quickly pulled the duvet up again. Tord suddenly saw Tomee bear and tilted his head. He thought it had been destroyed. Had Tom kept it all these years? But it wasn’t on him, when the doctors searched him?

Tord grabbed the stuffed bear. He recalled that when Tom was young he’d drag this bear through mud and storms and still take it to bed. The fur was old and felt more like leather than fur, and a few old stitches were visible. Years of use. Tord placed it neatly down, however the bear might have been brought back, it was good it was with Tom again.

Tord lifted his head when Yanov walked into the room. The Russian doctor looked nervous as he approached his leader. “Sir, erm we found something unusual inside of Tom’s body” Yanov stated. The doctor had a few X-ray prints in his hand with a folder. Tord stood up and walked over. Yanov carefully placed the X-rays and folders on a small desk. “He has gallstones, but that's treatable… what isn’t is this” Yanov pointed at the rib cage. Tord narrowed his eyes.

“What the hell is that?” Tord questioned, raising a brow as Tord grabbed the pictures and files, analyzing them. The X-rays showcased weird growth on Tom’s ribs. Small sharp-shaped growths. “They look like teeth,” Yanov pointed out. “We suspect bone tumors but…” Yanov trailed off. Tord looked up in bewilderment. Was his friend dying?


“They are perfect. The teeth I mean. Look'' Yanov pointed down again. “All at the same angle, no extra growth, no damage to other organs. It’s like they’re supposed to be there” Yanov said. “It might be because it’s still in its early stages, but it’s too arranged.” Yanov and Tord looked down, Tord felt a sudden sinking feeling.

He’s seen something similar before, but where?

“Any treatments?” Tord opted to ask while his brain tried to scramble through his memory. A way to help Tom, no way in hell is he gonna let Tom die. He just found him.

Yanov looked up “Well there’s always surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cryosurgery, and targeted therapy? and-” Yanov was about to list a last option. A new technology that the Red Army has developed. But to Tord, all of these didn’t sound right. He knew what this was and yet he couldn't remember. “Start slow, something small you know? If this causes discomfort. I’ll go through my notes and lists, this looks… different.” Tord stated as he looked over at the sleeping brunette. “Do you think this could be a symptom of the test bombs?” Yanov asked and Tord froze.

sh*t. . . Could it be? Who knows how long Tom had been in France, their testing grounds? What if he caught something?

Tord felt alarmed. This isn’t what he wanted. “I’ll contact Bing, I’ll bring notes of symptoms and effects if any are related to Tom. I’ll figure out a way for treatment. Keep an eye on Tom and his condition” Tord declared as he walked out of the room towards his lab. Yanov was left standing again, looking at the swung-open door and X-rays. He looked over at the sleeping brunette. Yanov got closer to the sleeping form and pulled down the duvet, and carefully probed at the ribs. Yanov drew back his hand when he felt it move. Yanov shook his head, no, his sleepless nights were getting to him. Nothing moved, Tom slept like nothing had bothered him.

Surely Yanov was just tired and had imagined that. Yanov sighed as he tucked Tom back in. He went back to the small desk and put the X-rays and folder into a drawer. He’ll rest up and check on Tom in the morning.


Tord looked around in his lab. He hadn't been here in so long, maybe two years? or maybe for two years and a half.

He had given up all this lab stuff to Bing and his other group of scientists, his priority was the army and coming up with different weapons. Though he did work a lot on perfecting a serum, it had too much risk! so many infected, zombies and half stable monsters, it wasn't worth it. He had only gotten a handful of stable and actually good monsters, one of which was Paul. It had been purely out of desperation and Tord’s stupidity and lack of sleep. But Tord was extra careful with Paul, every little detail had Tord on edge, he wouldn’t let his right hand man die. Tord recalls those 48 hours with no sleep, being by Paul’s side with Bing, it wasn’t ideal to say the least.

But in the end the result was way more than satisfying, Paul survived and was a stable specimen. Not only that but the strongest on record, Tord was more than happy for this project. But nonetheless he shut it down temporarily too many resources went into making sure Paul would make it and survive the whole ordeal. Bing is still down to using it now and then on test subjects and perfecting the serum but so far not a lot of valid results.

Most attempts ended with casualties and unstable specimens that Bing would either kill off or throw out to the testing grounds. To see just how much the unstable test subjects can endure before succumbing to their injuries. On that field however, Tord and Bing found out that they could endure a lot of damage. Bing had tried to propose a test to Tord, to see just how much a stable asset could endure but was shut down immediately. No way in hell would Tord let his right hand man be treated like that.

Currently there are two other monsters stable in the red army, all varying a lot in size, shape and colors. But again Bing was shut down from using them as test subjects. Tord put way too many resources into Paul and the other two just for them to be placed as test subjects. The red army hasn't tried to use the monsters in their full forms, yet, on the battlefield.

Tord felt his eye twitch, but if Bing did go behind Tord’s back and give a stable serum to the government or whatever organization that opposes the red army, Tord may just start letting Paul and the other soldiers start using their full potential on the battlefield. Tord sighed in frustration that this wasn't the time to think about Bing’s potential betrayal. This was about Tom.

Tord cast the monster test files away and started to search for all the reports of their bomb testing. Tord knows he’s seen this before, it must be the bombing symptoms. Tord keeps searching in the piles of files, Tord heard his assistant walk in. She halted in her walk by the door way, a dumbfounded expression on her face. “Sir? What are you looking for?” she asked. Tord stood up and looked over. “Contact Bing, I want him on a call on the big screen in at least half an hour and switch Alice on.” Tord commanded as he kept flipping pages. The assistant quickly called Bing and went over to the panel and switched it on. A soft blue and green glow came up as a hologramic figure appeared, slowly taking the shape of a young woman in a business dress.

Alice blinked its eyes and looked over at the young assistant, reading off the card that was on the panel the AI assistant recognized the assistant. “Hello, Audrey. How can I help you today?” The hologram walked over, Tord stood up and walked up to Alice. “Find me the bombing reports, all files related to, symptoms, damage and so forth” Tord commanded.

Alice turned to Tord, a few holographic particles flowing off her. Suddenly the floor got lights and a certain piles of files lit up and a hologram on the wall appeared with pictures of victims, map areas. Tord sighed in relief, maybe Alice was one of his proudest achievements. Now he could navigate through the files easily, Tord also silently thanked Alice for mentioning Audrey’s name because he never bothered to ask the young assistant. Audrey contacted Bing on the phone, Tord waved at her to go outside and talk to Bing. “Take the day off afterwards and move my schedule forward with a week, or something” Tord ignored Audrey’s glare about moving the schedule, just when she had perfected it. Then she walked out, talking to Bing.

Tord grabbed his pencil as he grabbed and opened the files, taking notes. Alice switched the pictures around “Alice, scan this picture, look through the bombing files and see if you find a match” Tord ordered, while opening the file and slipping it to the hologram who scanned the X-ray picture. Tord sat down and read through the files while Alice scanned every picture.

(10 minutes later)

Audrey walked into the room and dipped her head, “Sorry sir, but Bing won’t be able to be on the call. He’s currently still in France and they’re abandoning their units. He was willing to call in a week”. Tord stirred up “In a week?? But he’s the one with most of the files! I only have a few notes here and there!” Tord sighed in irritation. Curse past him for handing all the bombing files to Bing. “Fine whatever, maybe Alice will find something” Tord waved with his robotic hand as he kept reading. Audrey looked over at the AI scanning through the files and pictures.


(Time skip 2 days)


Tom hollered as he glared at the nurses in front of him. “You need a shower! You have a fever! and you’ve been in bed for 3 days!” A nurse shouted back, trying to approach Tom. They had been there at least 20 minutes, trying to take off Tom’s clothes, at least they managed to get the stubborn brit into the bathroom. Maybe they should contact the red leader. . . no, maybe not. Their leader has been quite unstable lately. And with the proportions of a celebration and more planning, their leader has been quite stressed. It wouldn't help informing the red leader that they are too incompetent with Thomas. One of the nurses grabbed the hose and started to spray water on the floor making the marble floor slippery. Tom cursed out as he fell down on his side, another nurse grabbed a IV stand and sort of used it to probe and push Tom into the shower.

They weren’t really willing to be too close to Thomas, after all he came from a very radioactive bombing area and he was aggressive. Tom had almost once again bitten another nurse's ear off, “luckily” the nurse was fast and Tom only managed to bite his cheek, the nurse only needed stitches. They really need to find a muzzle for their aggressive patients.

The nurse with a hose groaned in annoyance as Tom kept swearing at them, she aimed the hose at Tom and splashed water on him. Well, that’s one way to do it.

Tom slipped on the water and the force that was sprayed at him. By the end of it all Tom was clean and had given up fighting back as he glared at the floor while nurses fussed over him and contemplating if they should cut his hair. At some point Tom had snapped at them and they decided to just put Tom’s hair up in a small ponytail for now. But they’ll make sure to contact the barber when Tom isn't in earshot. Tom was helped back to his bed and seated down and strapped again. Better safe than sorry.

A soft hum came from the doorway of the medical room. “We should probably search for a wheelchair for yo-” “Don’t even start!” Tom yelled back, as the nurses backed off. Yanov smiled at Tom’s attitude “Why not? you barely walk with that healing stab wound, and not to mention the damage on your back and legs. Which by the way, you haven't told me where you got from. So until then I’d strongly recommend a wheelchair or at least a cane instead of relying on a bent IV stand” Yanov pointed at the IV stand that had been bent during the bathtime. Tom was unimpressed, “Cane, but no way in hell a damn wheelchair”. Yanov raised a brow, while walking to the bent IV stand to check the bags. “Why are you so averse towards wheelchairs?”.

Tom frowned, as if he needed to be rolled around and be seen as weaker than what he actually was. Tom just huffed and looked off, not granting Yanov with an answer.

“You’re very stubborn” Yanov stated as he glanced at other vitals and his clipboard, maily checking when he’ll have lunch. “Wouldn’t you be in my position?” Tom glared back, only getting a side glance from Yanov. “I wouldn’t be here if that sh*tty commie could just be normal in the head and not a total nutcase” Tom started. “What does he even have planned for me?” Yanov glanced over at Tom. “Probably recruitment, I can’t think of another reason”. “Recruitment? Me? That man has hated my guts since the day his mother decided to shi-” Yanov promptly shut Tom up with a flick to the head. “Language. And yes, you. He recruited Matthew, didn't he?” Yanov shrugged. Tom rolled his eyes “He recruited Matt because Matt is easy”.

Yanov looked at Tom, furrowed his brow a bit “Red leader helped him, fixed him” Tom wanted to laugh. “Fix? hah! you mean that fancy get up? the robotic chin and eye? I’m quite sure Matt was traumatized by his mirror reflection-”

“-Ah but his narcissism did lower when the red leader used a reversed memory eraser gun on Matthew” Yanov stated as he kept looking through the clipboard, Tom on the other hand froze. “What did you say?” “Yeah, the red leader found out that Matthew had been shot with a memory eraser gun at some point. Then the red leader fixed it and now, Matthew has shown significant improvement, much better memory of the past” Yanov said proudly.

Tom felt an old guilt grip at his throat, panic laced at his heart.

“Red leader is still trying to figure out when Matthew lost his memories, but none of the two seem to know, so it's a mystery for now”

Tom gulped, Matt remembers? but what exactly? everything? or just pieces? Why hadn’t Matt confronted him at all?.

Matt had seen him, so why didn’t he tell anyone or confront him?.

Then the door opened and in waltzed Matt with lunch, Yanov sighed in joy. He can finally get lunch and not have Tom throw it at him. Yanov walked out quickly towards the dining hall. “Tom, I brought you lunch I hope you’re hungry-!” Matt froze at the horrifying look Tom was giving him.

Matt glanced down at the lunch and then up at Tom, and started with a shaky voice “. . . Y-you vegan?”

Lay your love - Chapter 14 - Albi0v0 - Eddsworld (2024)


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