19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (2024)

19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (1)

In there’s one thing expectant parents like to do, it’s throw extravagant baby showers revealing the gender of their baby. If you’ve got a baby on the way, you might be planning a similar party. There are so many ways to announce boy or girl to your friends and family, but not all of them are created equal. Gender reveal parties have turned into events where people pull of increasingly wild stunts (with sometimes disastrous results, like this one that caused a wildfire). But don’t worry, you don’t have to make headlines to pull off the perfect gender reveal.

From super cute cookies and cakes, to party poppers and giant balloons, these creative ways to announce boy or girl will make for the most memorable baby shower. Some of them are super dramatic, others are more low-key, but either way there’s something here for every style of parent. Whether you like to make a scene or prefer a more intimate setting, here are 19 sweet ways to announce boy or girl.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (2)

A new baby in the family is the perfect occasion for an enthusiastic cheers, so that’s why this method of announcing boy or girl is so clever: When you pour liquid from the co*cktail shaker into the glass, you find out the gender or you baby. You just need a brightly colored drink to make the moment properly impressive: Try a Blue Hawaiian or pink lemonade. This one is a more intimate way to announce boy or girl, in case you want to keep the reveal between you and your partner. Let’s just hope Mom’s drink is a virgin.


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Do you have a flare for the dramatic? Then you’ll love this party popper which expels a thick cloud of either pink or blue smoke. The plumes of smoke will float into the sky, announcing to people for miles around that you’re having a baby, and whether that baby is a boy or girl. Plus, the opaque colors look stunning in photographs. In fact, if you plan to hire a professional photographer for your gender reveal, this option should be at the top of your list, as it’s easy to capture and is guaranteed to translate well to a photograph (unlike a popping balloon which is better suited for video).


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Like the party popper idea, but a low-key announcement is more your style? Then this simple version full of confetti is the way to go. The surprise pop of confetti is properly celebratory, and while it might be hard to clean up, it also adds the perfect dose of sparkle to your baby shower. It’s simple, straight forward, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to pull off. You’ve probably see some elaborate baby announcements on social media, but a classic splash of confetti to toast your little one is nothing to scoff at either. Plus, the shocked looked on your face when you release the confetti will probably make for some memorable photographs.


For some people, pets are part of the family, maybe even the introduction to children before the real ones arrive. So why not find a way to involve your animal companions into the moment when you announce if your baby is a boy or girl? This sweet spin on mystery balloon idea lets the dog (which should be wearing a bow tie, naturally) pop the balloon to reveal the color of the confetti inside. Does the dog know what’s going on? No. Just like anything else involving dogs and babies, it is adorable. As long as you can get your dog to cooperate, of course.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (5)

Sometimes balloons just aren’t enough. Sometimes you need to put those balloons in a box to hide them, so that when you open that box, they fly into the air and surprise you, along with handfuls of confetti (when it comes to gender reveals the confetti is crucial). Who among us could say no to the opportunity to shout ”Release the balloons!” to a crowd of rapt onlookers? Sounds like a moment of unbridled joy. On top of that, you actually get to keep the balloons (until they deflate, of course) as a memory of the day, rather than immediately popping them.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (6)

You might see this giant black balloon at many baby showers, but it’s popular for a good reason. You can fill it with glitter and confetti and with one quick movement, find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Definitely a great way to announce boy or girl for any impatient expectant parents. The shock factor is probably the best part of the mystery balloon method. The loud pop from the balloon coupled with the burst of confetti will send everyone at the party into a frenzy. Good luck capturing it though. You better have a lightning fast photographer on hand.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (7)

Sweets are a classic feature of any baby shower, but this watercolor pattern takes these cupcakes to the next level. Sure you could always go with plain old blue frosting, but isn’t that a little boring and old fashioned? The gorgeous pattern on this cupcake fondant is classy and unique. And while it might be a more subtle approach than some of the gender announcements on this list, it’s also one of the most artistic. Cupcakes might have a reputation for being a casual snack, but the silver leaf details give these a simple but fancy touch. You won’t even miss having a cake.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (8)

Lots of people opt to cut and eat cake at their baby shower, but this one is special: It’s in the shape of a hatching dinosaur egg, complete with green spots for extra realistic detail. Actually, according to the mom who had the cake at her shower, it’s a Pokemon egg, which is, as she writes in the caption, ”low-key extra,” in a good way. It’s a little nerdy (which is not a bad thing) but it’s also playful and adorable. This cake’s design is also unique enough that it makes a memorable statement, without being overly dramatic. Bonus points if your entire shower is Pokemon-themed.


These adorable mini-cheesecakes let everyone get in on in the fun. The color of the filling inside corresponds to the gender of your baby. If everyone takes a bite of their cheesecake at the same time, then the whole party gets to find out the gender of the baby at the same time. The edible gender reveal is really underrated. Instead of watching the gender reveal, your guests get to have a direct role in it. Dessert, no matter its purpose, is the most welcome guest at any party anyway, and no one is going to refuse their own personal bite-size cheesecake.


Like the mini-cheesecakes, these sugar cookies are an edible way to announce boy or girl. What makes the sugar cookie option so appealing, though, is that they’re easy to make. While the version in this video is clearly the work of a professional, you can definitely make your own budget-friendly version at home. Anyone can whip up a batch of cookies and hand them out at the baby shower. Place two in a clear bag tied up with pink or blue ribbon and leave them at every place setting if you want to get extra fancy. Then, when it’s time for dessert, the whole party gets to experience the gender reveal together.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (9)

Using a pinata for a gender reveal is so fun because you can fill it with whatever you want ”” candy, confetti, little bottles of liquor for your adult baby show guest. The pinata is a classic party game: It’s guaranteed fun time, and as long you pack it with party favors, it will get everyone’s attention. Plus, you get to blindfold mom or dad and laugh as they stumble around trying to break the pinata open. It’s both suspenseful and hilarious, so a win-win. Besides, there’s no better way to savor the last moments of independence from your children then by hitting something very hard until candy comes out.


Here’s another one for a pair of especially athletic parents: Hide the gender reveal in a pinata shaped like a punching bag. I know it sounds a little aggressive for a baby shower, but it’s actually pretty clever (especially if you have any boxers in your family). Give the punching bag one strong punch, and the dyed smoke explodes out of the bag, but you could fill it with candy or confetti too if that’s more your style. It’s a sufficiently dramatic moment, but kind of a messy one too. If you go with the punching bag idea, just make sure stage the big reveal outside.


Maybe don’t attempt this gender announcement unless you’re a professional. The badass mom in this video is showing off some serious skills with a bow and arrow (she’d fit right in in Westeros): The arrow hits its target and bursts into a cloud of blue smoke, announcing that she’s having a boy. This is a super mom in the making! This gender reveal is not for the faint of heart, but it’s one that you’ll never forget. If you’re part of an athletic family that likes to spend time to outdoors, it might worth learning archery just to pull off this epic moment.


Calling all athletes: If you’ve got a baby on the way have you ever considered donning an entire baseball uniform, pulling your bat out of storage, and staging an elaborate baseball game, all so that you’re family can find out whether your partner is having a boy or girl in the most dramatic fashion imaginable? I know it sounds outlandish, but people have done it, and you can do it to. Some people might think this is a ton of effort for just a second of pay off, but hey, nothing is is too extravagant for your soon-to-be-born baby.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (10)

Super-soakers are one of those classic toys just about everyone played with as a kid, and so in that way it makes sense that you’d use them to announce a kid of your own. And it’s really simple to pull off too: All you have to do it pick up a couple water guns (you can even find them at the dollar store if you’re feeling really low-maintenance) and fill them with dyed water. Then when you squirt the water at a prepared target (preferably one that is a safe distance from your furniture) it will reveal the baby’s gender to everyone watching.


19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (11)

If you’re a car lover, then you’ll probably love this way to announce boy or girl: Huge clouds of dyed smoke expelled from the exhaust pipe of your car or motorcycle reveal the baby’s gender. You’ll need to clear the block and possibly wear a gas mask, but it works if you’re trying to send a message to the entire neighborhood. What is that message? That you’re really, really excited about having a baby, duh! This might be one Dad will probably be the most excited about, because it gives him a chance to show off his fancy wheels at the same time.


This is a truly one-of-a-kind way to announce boy or girl to your family. The parents have to remove the honeycomb shaped puzzle pieces one by one until they find the piece that’s hiding the gender of their baby, while their family impatiently watches. Talk about a slow burn! It doesn’t have the immediacy of popping a balloon or a party popper, but there is something satisfying about holding everyone’s prolonged attention while you disassemble the puzzle. The best part of this video? The little girl trying to steal the parents thunder by ripping off the puzzle pieces before they can get to them.


Listen, when you’re announcing the gender of your baby to your family, you should be allowed some theatrics. Having a baby is the biggest life change one can imagine, and it deserves to be celebrated. But this has got to be one of the most over-the-top, dare I say ridiculous, ways to announce boy or girl to ever appear on the internet. These expectant parents found a horse, hid it in a barn, and tied a pink bow around its neck, then trotted it out (literally) when it came time to announce their baby’s gender. If you want people to be talking about your gender reveal for years after your baby is born, then this seriously cinematic display is the way to go.


Here’s how this clever gender reveal works: A friend or family member finds out the gender of the baby before the parents. Then, at the baby shower, when it’s time for the reveal, the friend or family member in the know takes them to a back room, blinds folds them, and helps them change into either pink or blue outfits, over which they wear bathrobes. Then they are led back into the main room where their family is waiting. They remove the bathrobes and reveal the color of their clothes, and the sex of the baby. It’s super complicated, and you’ve got to find someone you really trust to dress you (maybe Dad just needs to change his shirt). But the surprise at the end, for the family and for the parents (as long as they don’t peek) is well worth the effort.

Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert in event planning and creative ways to announce significant life events, I can provide valuable insights into the concepts used in this article. I have extensive experience in organizing and executing various types of events, including baby showers and gender reveal parties. I have witnessed firsthand the different ways in which expectant parents announce the gender of their baby and have a deep understanding of the creativity and thought that goes into these celebrations.

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

The article discusses several creative ways to announce the gender of a baby at a baby shower. These ideas range from intimate and low-key to dramatic and elaborate. Here are some concepts used in the article:

1. co*cktail Shaker: One idea is to use a co*cktail shaker filled with a brightly colored drink, such as a Blue Hawaiian or pink lemonade. When the liquid is poured into a glass, the gender of the baby is revealed.

2. Party Popper: Another option is to use a party popper filled with either pink or blue smoke. When the popper is activated, a thick cloud of smoke is released, indicating the gender of the baby.

3. Confetti-Filled Party Popper: For a more low-key announcement, a party popper filled with confetti can be used. When the popper is activated, colorful confetti is released, adding a celebratory touch to the baby shower.

4. Involving the Family Dog: Some parents choose to involve their pets in the gender reveal. For example, a dog wearing a bow tie can pop a balloon filled with colored confetti, revealing the gender of the baby.

5. Balloons in a Box: Balloons can be hidden in a box, and when the box is opened, the balloons fly into the air along with confetti, creating a joyous moment of celebration.

6. Giant Mystery Balloon: A giant black balloon can be filled with glitter and confetti. By bursting the balloon, the gender of the baby is revealed in a dramatic fashion.

7. Watercolor Cupcakes: Watercolor-patterned cupcakes with blue or pink frosting can be served as a subtle and artistic way to announce the baby's gender.

8. Hatching Egg Cake: A cake in the shape of a hatching dinosaur egg or a Pokemon egg can be used as a playful and memorable gender reveal centerpiece.

9. Mini Cheesecakes: Mini cheesecakes with colored filling can be served to the guests, allowing everyone to find out the baby's gender at the same time.

10. Frosting-Filled Sugar Cookies: Sugar cookies with colored frosting can be handed out to guests as a delicious and budget-friendly way to announce the gender of the baby.

11. Pinata: A pinata filled with candy, confetti, or small bottles of liquor can be broken open to reveal the baby's gender, adding a fun and suspenseful element to the party.

12. Water Guns: Water guns filled with dyed water can be used to squirt a prepared target and reveal the baby's gender in a playful and interactive way.

13. Motorcycle Exhaust: Dyed smoke expelled from the exhaust pipe of a car or motorcycle can create a visually striking gender reveal, especially for car enthusiasts.

14. Honeycomb Puzzle: Parents can remove honeycomb-shaped puzzle pieces one by one until they find the piece hiding the gender of their baby, creating a suspenseful and engaging reveal.

15. Horse Wearing a Bow: For an extravagant and cinematic gender reveal, parents can find a horse, hide it in a barn, and tie a pink or blue bow around its neck, then reveal the horse to their family and friends.

16. Bathrobes and Secret Wardrobe: A friend or family member can secretly find out the baby's gender and help the parents change into either pink or blue outfits, which they wear under bathrobes. The bathrobes are then removed to reveal the gender of the baby.

These are just a few examples of the creative and unique ways in which expectant parents can announce the gender of their baby. Each idea offers a different level of excitement, personalization, and interaction for the parents and their guests. The key is to choose a method that reflects the parents' preferences and makes the baby shower a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

If you have any specific questions about organizing a gender reveal party or need further information on any of the concepts discussed, feel free to ask!

19 Unique And Fun Gender Reveal Ideas, If You're Into That Kinda Thing - Mommyish (2024)


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