10 Things You Didn’t Know about TikTok’s Brooke Monk (2024)

Brooke Monk is a popular social media influencer and content creator. Monk has a large number of followers on some of the top social media platforms. Monk is known for her dancing and lip-syncing content on relatable subjects. Although she isn’t ranked among the top 10 influencers (by follower numbers), Monk has a dedicated fan base exceeding millions of followers on the social media platforms she’s most active.

Monk is an average American Gen Z using the popularity and opportunities of the internet to her advantage. Monk was born January 31, 2003, in Jacksonville, Florida, and has amassed a relatively impressive net worth in less than half a decade’s work as a content creator. As a follower of her growth and success, here are 10 things you didn’t know about TikTok’s Brooke Monk.

10. She Works With An Agency

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As a big-time social media personality, Brooke Monk is signed to a talent agency to help manage her career. In March 2022, Monk signed with a new agency, WME. In a statement released by the agency after Monk signed on, the agency claims it had plans to expand Monk’s career to podcast, television, and film. Monk was signed by United Talent Agency and The Fuel Injector in the past.

9. Brooke Monk Is Dating A Career Co-Star

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Brooke Monk is dating Sam Dezz, a fellow social media influencer and content creator. As social media personalities, Monk and Dezz are open about their relationship, often appearing in each other’s posts. Although the couple did not immediately announce when they officially began dating, an October 21, 2021, post confirmed they’d been dating for a year.

8. Brooke Monk Is Also A YouTuber

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Although Brooke Monk got her success and fame from TikTok, she also grew a large following on YouTube. With the video length limitation of TikTok, moving to YouTube was inevitable. To give her followers longer video content, Monk created her YouTube channel on July 29, 2019. Monk’s YouTube contents include pranks, vlogs, makeup tutorials, Q&As, lifestyle, skincare routines, and reaction videos. The channel has over 2.24 million subscribers and combined views of over 1.2 billion views with over 340 videos.

7. Brooke Monk Was Home-schooled

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Even before becoming popular on social media, Brooke Monk’s life differed from many other kids her age. She was home-schooled for her entire life. Although she has never explained why her parents made that choice, she has no regret. She didn’t immediately go to college after deciding to explore the opportunities she has been fortunate to have at such a young age.

6. Brooke Monk Comes From A Conservative Background

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Brooke Monk is a devout Christian, and it is something she has never shied away from. Monk comes from a family of eight, with five siblings – a brother and four sisters. Monk still practices and openly identifies as a Christian. In her TikTok profile, she has “Jesus Forever” ensconced between two love emojis. On her Instagram profile, she wrote, “1 Corinthians 13: 1–7.

5. Brooke Monk Has A Fashion Line

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One of the perks of being a social media personality is the opportunity to collaborate with different brands. Sometime in 2020, Monk started her merch line, which she heavily promoted on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. Recently, she signed up with Blackbough and has a swimsuit collection. Blackbough is a fashion brand with collections in swim and beachwear, as well as their accessories. Monk has a link to her collection line on her TikTok and Instagram profiles.

4. Brooke Monk Is The Middle Child

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Raised with five siblings, Brooke Monk is the third child of the family. This puts her somewhere in the middle as the family’s middle child. Like many other social media personalities, Monk isn’t open about sharing personal information about herself or her family. However, although her father’s name is unknown, Monk’s mother is Amy Monk. Her siblings are Brett (brother), Bryanna, Blaize, Breanne, and Audra. Brooke is also not the only social media personality in the family, as her younger sister, Audra, followed in her footsteps.

3. Brooke Monk Loves To Experiment With Makeup

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As a creative-minded person, it’s no surprise Brooke Monk loves experimenting with makeup. In addition to doing more traditional looks, she also enjoys experimenting with different colors, styles, and even designs. After getting countless requests, she created a tutorial of her typical makeup look. Monk has several short and long-length videos on TikTok and YouTube about makeup.

2. Brooke Monk Also Has A Large Following On Instagram

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TikTok isn’t the only place Brooke Monk has built an impressive following. Monk currently has over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, with over 130 posts. As a business-minded person and entrepreneur, maintaining a presence across platforms is very important to utilize social media opportunities better.

1. Brooke Monk Started TikTok In 2019

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Brooke Monk joined TikTok in September 2019. Monk’s initial videos received lots of likes and responses, spurring her to take the platform seriously. With a love and passion for acting and dancing, Monk began incorporating her skills and talents into making high school student-related videos. Monk’s following grew astronomically, with most TikTok users within her age group. Within 5 months of using TikTok, Monk had crossed the 3 million followers mark. Brooke Monk has over 28.5 million followers on the platform, with a collective likes of over 2.2 billion.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about TikTok’s Brooke Monk (2024)


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